Hotel ERP

Looking for a complete hotel management solution? The customizable Hotel ERP from Niveosys Technologies has all modules that fit with hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, hostels, etc.

Niveosys Technologies provide you an all-in-one solution for managing your hotel business effectively. This customizable software fits with hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, hostels, etc…. This software can be installed on different departments of your hotel and that will perform different operations with respect to the privilege assigned to that department. Using the web-based hotel management software, the users can log in to the software from anywhere with internet connectivity.

From room check-in/reservation to room-checkout, all the information regarding guest is captured in this software. To provide smooth and fast front-office operations, most of the front-office modules use POS Interface. In this user-friendly front-office module, rooms on every floor are categorized according to the status and indicated using different colors. This will simplify the front-office operation. Finance management, banquet hall management, stock management, housekeeping management, bar & beverages, kitchen management, food cost & yield management, etc… are other important modules.

Mobile Application

Features of Hotel Management Software

Real-time data
Touch Screen Interface
Error-free Report Generation
Online Reservation Facility
Accounting Module
Automate Hotel workflow
Payroll & Personnel Management
Stock Control & Inventory Management
Food-Cost & Yield Management System
RFID / Bio-Metric Integration