HR Management ERP

Is your admin works managed efficiently? The HR Management solution offered by Niveosys is ideal for any organization for coordinating and monitoring human resource with accurate reporting.

Human resource management is the most complicated division of any organization that need access to various physical and digital data. The HRM ERP developed by Niveosys is simple, user-friendly, and can be customized. The primary aim of the HR management ERP is to minimize the paper works and efficiently manage HR information. This cloud-based ERP will offer maximum security and privacy to user’s sensitive data. The attractive UI helps the users to navigate easily and to identify the workflow. The admin will get real-time updates from the HR department with this HRM software.

From employee recruitment to resignation/termination, each and every information of employees are saved digitally in this software. Historic data of present and past employees can also be viewed using this ERP. The attendance management module can be either manual or biometric. Attendance using biometric devices is time-consuming than manual and different dynamic reports based on these collected data are generated. The employee payroll can be calculated accurately based on the stored attendance data. Automating the HR workflow will help to perform the entire task in simple steps and to boost productivity. Also, implementing HR software will save time and enable users to take key decision based on employee performance. The customizable feature of this ERP will make this software adaptable to various HR workflows.

Mobile Application

Features of HRM ERP

Employee Management
Recruitment Management
Employee Document Storage
Time & Attendance Management
Holidays & Event Management
Shift Scheduling
Requests & Approvals
Payroll Management
Employee Benefits Management