Accounting Software

Planning to digitize your business accounts? Account Mitra accounting software is an all-in-one solution with customizable modules for inventory, accounts, reports, and payroll.

The AccountMitra accounting management software will be one of the ideal choices to digitize your accounts. Other than storing and outputting accurate calculations, this software generates different financial and non-financial reports that can be beneficial for evaluation. The primary motto of this software is to eliminate the complicated accounting works and to provide accurate data fastly. In our accounting software, we have included everything like accounts, inventory, purchase, sales, registers, payroll, payments & receipts, etc… The POS interface is an important feature of this accounting software and it helps to complete the invoicing operation easier. This software will also generate different reports like daybook, ledger book, stock report, sales report, purchase report, VAT/GST reports, and more.

The Account Mitra accounting software can have multiple users and admin has the privilege to set what operation the users can perform on the software. It is also possible to take backups of your regular work and to save them in your specified location. The generated report can be downloaded from this software.

Mobile Application

Features of Account Mitra

POS Touch Interface
Multiple Language Support
Payroll Management
Inventory Management
User-friendly Design
Financial & Non-financial Report Generation