Academic Management Software

Facing difficulty to manage your educational institutions? Niveosys is offering customizable Academic management ERP with institute-teacher-parent-student relationship for schools, colleges, training institutes, and more.

Managing an educational institute means dealing with lots of information like courses, departments, subjects, students, teachers, admission, and more. If all this information are stored as hardcopy, then the institution will need to upgrade their rack size yearly. Also, there will be a higher risk for data loss if handled these hard copies of information carelessly. Another drawback of traditional paperwork is the time that consumes and lack of accuracy. It is an exhausting task to search for a specific file from the rack. To overcome all these issues of traditional academic operation, modern institutions use academy management software and we Niveosys Technologies Pvt.Ltd is one of the best software development company that develops customizable user-friendly academy management ERP for our customers.

Our Academy management ERP is useful for educational institutions like schools, colleges, training institutes, and more where there contains a relation between institute, staff, students, and their parents. This feature-rich software simplifies every activity involved in the educational institute management from student admission to the promotion/termination. This software automates and streamlines the complete student life cycle and reduces the communication barrier between school, teachers, students, and parents. The academy management software contains modules like exam management, transportation management, front-office management, fee management, and more.

Mobile Application

Features of Academic Management software

Accounting modules
Bulk SMS sending
Live vehicle tracking
Certificate Generation
Front-office Management
Financial & Non-financial Report Generation
Student Admission and Fee Collection