GPS Field Tracking

Worried about field employee performance monitoring? The GPS field tracking software from Niveosys will be a perfect solution with GPS features for field employee management.

Employees are the asset of every organization and monitoring their performance will help to make crucial decisions. For monitoring field employees, utilizing GPS services are mostly preferred. The GPS field tracking system from Niveosys is a mobile application that can capture and send the GPS location of employee automatically to the server. The admin can track these employee locations from their corresponding web section to evaluate their performance.

The GPS field tracking application can be installed on any Android smartphone of the marketing, sales, and service team members to track their location. This uploaded location and reports can be viewed from the web module and different dynamic reports can also be generated. GPS tracking can be either continuous or when a certain action is performed. For continuous tracking, the mobile application will send GPS details continuously to the server. In other cases, GPS will be uploaded only when actions like image capturing, report submission, etc. are done. Continuous location tracking will record the entire path travelled by employee and other employee tracker application will store only selected locations.

The field force tracking application can be used for locating team members and to calculate the kilometers travelled by each employee. These gathered employee details can be used for salary calculation and employee performance evaluation.

Mobile Application

Features of GPS Field Tracking

Record and track employee GPS location
Separate Login Credentials for Employees
Reports with GPS data, image, and voice
Online work reports
View allocated works and send reports
Manage daily attendance