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Why Python Listed Out 2019 Most Popular Programming Language

By Web Desk Sep 23 2019 11:26AM

Python, a coding language among thousands of other languages in the software industry. But now, it is on the top 10 list of “2019 most popular programming language” because of its wide acceptance as a mainstream language. Google, Yahoo Maps, Quora, Microsoft, Youtube, etc.. are some of the famous organizations that use Python language for various applications. 


Recently, most of the beginners in software industry choose python as their stepping stone to programming. Because, this language is easy to learn and once if learned, then there won’t be any shortage of job opportunities. By analysing the current growth of python language, many companies have started migrating to it. This trend doesn’t vanish immediately and python developers will definitely have the scope in upcoming years too.


What are the reasons for python popularity in 2019? If you analyze the past 17 years, you can find that the python programming popularity is growing rapidly in the industry. Most of the modern technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, big data, cybersecurity, etc.. rely on Python for coding. The Python popularity in recent times made it acceptable in universities to teach Python as an introductory language similar to C, C++, and Java.


Why Python is Used?

In more than 25 years, python has emerged a lot and succeeded most of the coding languages that were in use at that time. If you check the report of any surveys conducted on top programming languages, then python will be definitely ranked in the top 5 positions. If you ask why python? Then the answer is simple, it is a multi-paradigm programming language that fully supports object-oriented and structured programming. Also, this general-purpose, user-friendly programming language has a clear and intuitive syntax similar to the English language, that can is readable and easily understandable.

Most of the software companies migrate to python development because of some benefits. Let’s discuss those advantages of using python as a coding language.


  • Free and Open Source: Python is a free and open-source programming language offered by Python Software foundation that can be downloaded without any cost. The users can download the source code and can change, use, and distribute it without any permissions. 


  • Extensive Libraries: Python can be downloaded with an extensive library with build-in code. TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, Keras, PyTorch, Pandas and LightGBM are some of the libraries used for machine learning projects, handling complex data, expressing neural networks, performing tensor computations, data analytics and building new algorithms respectively. 


  • Extensible & Embeddable: Extensible means that the user can write some portion of the Python code in other languages like C and C++. Embeddable means that the Python code can be put in the source code of any other language like C++.


  • “Batteries Included” Language: The Python Advanced Library includes a collection of third party extension modules used frequently. These standard libraries are easily available without separate downloading. This is behind the “battery included” language philosophy.  


  • Cross-platform & Widely Supported: Python coded software is supported on all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Also, most of the web sites, mailing lists, and USENET support Python programs.

Future of Python

If you want to flourish your career as a Python developer, then this is the right time, to begin with. In recent surveys, it is evident that Python has a stable stand in top programming language list. In my opinion, this trend will follow in the future too. A lot of companies have migrated to Python and some others are preparing for migrating. So, there will be more openings for Python developers in future.


Till now, Python languages has some drawbacks like speed limitations, browser compatibility and design restriction. If all these negatives are resolved, then Python will be placed on the top rank of popular languages soon.


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