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As you all know software’s are classified into system software and application software. Among these, the system software is a platform designed to run computer's hardware and application programs, and application software is used by end-users and is computer software developed for performing specific personal, educational, and business functions on computers. Application software can be developed using any programming language according to the user requirements. This article will list different types of the application software used.

  1. Web Browsers: Web browsers are the commonly used application software used for accessing the World Wide Web. This application will enable users with the internet to locate and retrieve data across the web. Web browsers will collect and displays specific results based on the user’s search queries from the server. The popular web browsers are Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
  2. Enterprise Software: Enterprise software also called the Enterprise Application Software(EAS) is a type of application software developed for managing order processing, accounting, customer relationship management and more. The primary goal of implementing enterprise software is to improve enterprise productivity and efficiency. A customer relationship management system (CRMS) is an example of enterprise software.
  3. Presentation Software: Presentation software is used for displaying information in the form of slides by adding text, graphics video and images. Microsoft Powerpoint and Keynotes are common applications of presentation software.
  4. Educational & Reference Software: Educational & reference software are designed to learn a typical subject or a topic. Online dictionaries like Encarta and Britannica, MATLAB, Google Earth, and NASA World Wind are major examples of educational software.
  5. Simulation Software: Simulation software for the engineering, education, testing and video game sectors is used to evaluate, optimize, and compare product designs by modelling real-world events in a computer-generated environment. Flight and scientific simulators are examples of simulation software.
  6. Word Processing Software: Word processing software like MS Word, Notepad, and WordPad is used for formatting and manipulating text. Grammar and spell checking options are also available for content access software along with word art features, font options, and more.
  7. Database software: Database software like Oracle and MS Access is mainly used for storing, securing, managing, and searching various types of data.While performing operations, the data is collected from the database and after the operation stored back in the database. 
  8. Information Worker Software: Documentation tools and resource management tools are common examples of information worker software. This type of application software is for creating and managing information related to individual projects.

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