Top ERP Trends That is Set to Rule in 2019

By Web Desk Mar 2 2019 4:05PM

To survive in this digital world, we want to move towards it. Recently, most of the business organizations use ERP software. An Enterprise Resource Planning software is used to integrate all modules of an organization from planning to marketing. Not only the large multinational organization but also the small organizations can use ERP software. It generates a single database to store the details of an entire organization. 

Everything requires changes. Similarly, when you consider the ERP software, a drastic change will be visible for you. A few years ago, the ERP solutions included databases and material requirement planning (MRP). But now, in 2018, it has reached on cloud database and IOT (Internet of Things). Then what will be the latest ERP trends that are set to rule in 2019?

Many advancements on existing ERP will be there in 2019. At present, the experts are trying to adapt the features of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud servers, big data, data visualization, and improved security features. 


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Cloud-Based Servers


Years back, most of the ERP providers used their servers to store database. These servers reduced the office space and also required many complex maintenance procedures. But, now the concept of Saas based cost-effective cloud servers has arrived.

The cloud-based system can be accessed from anywhere anytime, using an internet connected system. This cloud-based database simplified the process of file uploading and retrieval process. The cloud-based ERP software's are available on mobile devices. So, these ERP's are suited for field employees, work at home employees, contract employees, etc.. to run the ERP software on their mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence


Applications of artificial intelligence will be one of the leading trends in 2019. The integration of AI and machine learning will simplify the task, reduces time and cost, etc. The productivity and efficiency of an organization will improve when you pair AI with ERP. Artificial Intelligence can be used to retrieve big data stored on clouds.

The integration of ERP systems with machines, that reduces the role of machinists and improve the capacity of the system. A direct communication between the ERP system and machines without a machinist will benefit the manufacturing industry. The ERP system will collect the data directly from the machines, thus it produces accurate results. Similarly, Artificial intelligence can be used in many other fields of an ERP system such as customer service, monitoring and analyzing employee performance, chatbots to mine data quickly, evidence-based decision making, etc. 


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 Adding Social Media and Digital Marketing


An ERP focuses mainly on the operation and integration of various modules of an organization. But, among these modules, there will be some modules related to sales or marketing. Including digital marketing in the ERP will help to promote these modules on social media. 

The HR managers use social media's for recruiting employees and to check the background and performance of employees. Similarly, social media are required for SEO for optimization purpose. These tasks can be simplified by adding social media and digital marketing with ERP.

The Internet of Things


Using IoT, we can gather information from various devices connected to a network. IoT is a networking term that connects all physical devices such as computers, mobile phones, printers etc.. with access to the internet. A flexible and intelligent ERP software can organize these unstructured data and analyze them in real time. 

ERP Edge Solution


An edge solution is used to extend the core ERP system of a business using plugins. The Edge solution computes and store details at the edge facility and transfer this information back to the central data centers. This technology can be used in automated toll booths, healthcare applications, auto manufacturing plants, petrochemical applications, etc.

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