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Most IT firms in the industry will have job openings in the role of software engineer and software developer. Most of you will consider both these job roles as the same. But the fact is, both are different with varying duties and these responsibilities are distinguished in this article.

We can begin with the primary difference between software engineer and software developer. The software engineer is an IT professional who handles software engineering tasks like designing, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software. While the software developer is responsible for building software that runs across various types of computers. When considering these two roles, the software engineer is a team activity that needs the involvement of multiple roles and the software developer is an individual activity that involves writing a complete program. The software engineer will create various tools and the developer will use these ready-made tools for writing programs. The examples of tools developed by the software engineering process are the visual studio and eclipse and that developed by software developers are web, mobile, and desktop apps.

Who is a software engineer? A software engineer is a computer science professional who utilizes engineering principles and programming languages to develop software products, computer games and run network control systems. This role will work together with both front-end and back-end teams like data science professionals, senior systems architects, development teams, senior management, and others. The software engineer will work with every stage of development like research & analysis, system design, implementation, and support.

Next, who is a software developer? The software developer is the mastermind behind computer programs of all types. The developer will design the application components and write code from scratch by considering gathered information. Unlike the software engineer, the developer will work only with the development team and they are more creative than engineers.

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