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Founded in the year of 2013 at Calicut, Niveosys technologies Pvt Ltd is a software development company that focuses on developing software models based on globally distributed components. We functions in India,Middle East and USA .



By Anjali Dec 30 2016 4:44PM

Now everyone has a website. But some are ranked first in Search Engine Rankings and some are at the last. Do you know why ? Its because of SEO work done on the Ranked First website. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is just a process of improving visibility of website by adding or incorporating Search Engine friendly elements in Website. SEO can be split into Two categories :


1) On Page SEO

2) Off Page SEO On Page SEO


On Page SEO refers to techniques you do on your Website, There are many ON Page SEO Techniques,


  1) Content Title : Content Title is the most important ON Page SEO factor that will decide our content will do well in Search Engines.


  2) Post Link : Using targeted keywords in beginning of post URL also increases the chances of page visibility. Using of symbols, brackets, special characters should be avoided in post URL's. User friendly shorter URL's should be created as it performs better in Search Engine Results.


 3) Using of Heading Tags in Article : Look of Article also matters. Article should be split into smaller paragraphs. Important headings should be highlighted using Heading tags like H2, H3, H4. For Title of the article H1 Tag should be used.


 4) Using Keywords in your article : Using Keywords in your article is also a important technique. As it helps the search engine to understand what is your article about. Using excessive using of Keywords in your article can ban your website from search engines.


 5) Meta Tags : For your articles you should use Meta Tags & Meta Description . For Meta tags we should use the relevant keywords, Meta description is a short summary of your article. It should be small around 150 Words.

 6) Images : Images helps a lot in ON Page SEO. It makes our article attractive as well as brings lot of traffic from image search. ALT text and Description should be used to make it more SEO friendly. In Image name and ALT Text relevant keywords should be used. Small size images should be used as using big size images will slow down speed.


 OFF Page SEO : OFF Page SEO refers to the techniques done to improve the ranking outside the Website.


  1) Creating Community in Social Media's : This is the first step of Off Page SEO. Its also known as online reputation management. Creating a strong online community in Social Media's is very important. You should be aware of all Social media sites so you can share your content, make online customers, advertise about your company. Becoming member of Social Media's like Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram etc will help you to make online reputation.

  2) Link Building : Link Building is most effective way to to get ranked better. You can find similar websites or blogs and can share links by blog commenting, guest posting or exchange links. You can find similar sites and blogs using ,

  3) Search Engine Submission : You can submit your website to most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.


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