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Founded in the year of 2013 at Calicut, Niveosys technologies Pvt Ltd is a software development company that focuses on developing software models based on globally distributed components. We functions in India,Middle East and USA .


New gadget to track the development of understudies in schools

By sherin Mar 29 2018 10:49AM

Another gadget utilizing innovation like WiFi, Bluetooth reference points, and GPS that can track the development of understudies to guarantee their security inside their school grounds was exhibited before a select gathering of tuition based school principals in the city.

The gadget can be worn by understudies as standard character cards and the information can be sent to the closest passage for distinguishing the development, gadget maker Future Netwings Solutions Pvt Ltd CEO Jaideep Chakrabarti asserted.

Presenting such a gadget is vital in the wake of reports of a few episodes including understudies inside the school grounds in the city and somewhere else, he said at the exhibit before the school principals the previous evening. 


About the gadget, he stated, "If an understudy has strange development in a separated territory, alarms are created quickly and cameras are actuated. Not at all like CCTV-based reconnaissance with hours of video film yet no genuine data, the arrangement Hipla School gives constant, significant knowledge and reports."

The passages, conveyed over the grounds of any school in a system of Bluetooth Beacons, WiFi, and GPS, will get information from IT cards and transmit the same to the Cloud, which thus would trigger cautions, warnings or capacities, he said. 


The gadget has just been put to effective use in some instructive organizations in the US as a pilot, Chakrabarti said.

To an inquiry by a primary that what might be the arrangement if school kids swiped character cards among their companions, he said that in such an inevitability the gadget would at present have the capacity to see whether there is any surprising development by any understudy inside the grounds. 


The understudy who strays past the compound or classroom cutoff points would be followed with the card tucked in his/her body. 


The dignitary of Studies, Garden High International School, Nandini Mukherjee stated, "No one but innovation can't settle everything. We can't discount the human factor to guarantee a superior secured condition for each youngster.


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