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In the present situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-commerce business is emerging than local business. Everyone can shop anything they require through an online platform, by staying at home. Also, it is safer than local purchasing in the present scenario. So, most of the brands are stepping towards online business as the scope is booming day by day. This article will discuss some strategies for improving repeat sales for e-commerce businesses.

The key factors that need to consider in every business are quality and customer support. In the e-commerce business also, if poor quality products are delivered, this can be a serious reason for business failure.

All e-commerce platforms need an attractive and user-friendly interface on which the users can find required products and offers. Whether it is a mobile app or website, both need to be responsive and easily navigable. Also, the payment gateway needs to be highly secure to guarantee 100% success. All these are necessary for any newly launched e-commerce platform and this can be promoted through various mediums.

Here, the discussion topic is repeat sales, also called repeat purchase rate. Repeat sales is a calculation that determines the percentage of customers who repeat purchases from a brand after their initial purchase. This happens only if the customer is satisfied with their first purchase. The repeat purchase rate is calculated by dividing the ‘number of customers who brought the product more than once’ by ‘the total number of customers’. The key strategies for improving repeat sales for e-commerce businesses are:

  1. Email customers regularly: Communicate with the customers in regular intervals with different promotions, vouchers, and greetings on birthdays and anniversaries.
  2. Provide incentives and loyalty programs: Incentives and loyalty points provided during the initial purchase will attract customers to purchase from the same brand next time also.
  3. Ask for Feedbacks: Feedbacks from customers will help to improve the brand quality and to identify any flaws in product shipment or delivery.
  4. Build customer trust: Building customer trust is not easy and once it is done, this indicates your brand can ensure a longer presence in the market. Years of experience, customer support, and product quality are key factors.
  5. Answer questions on every platform: Online sales for any brand can be done through various platforms and customers will raise different queries about your products. All these questions need to be answered immediately.

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