Key Features of Open-Source Platform Xamarin

By Web Desk Mar 6 2023 3:46PM

Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned free and open-source mobile app development platform for developing native iOS and Android apps, using a single shared C# codebase. With this development platform, developers can build applications that run on multiple platforms. Xamarin is an ideal platform for cross-platform application development, native application development, and application testing(Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Test Recorder).  


Just like all other application development processes, Xamarin development will also include 4 steps, which are requirement study & analysis, development, testing, and implementation. This platform allows users to code applications on .NET with various libraries and packages. 


The benefits of using the Xamarin Platform include:

  • The application allows users to write one single code for an app and use it across multiple platforms.
  • Compared with native app development, Xamarin helps to save time and development costs.
  • Xamarin’s libraries and tools are free and open source.
  • All versions of the app can be updated one time.
  • Integrate backends such as Microsoft Azure, Parse, and SAP

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