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For the promotion of business, it is required to advertise your products or services on different platforms with corresponding web page links. To achieve a wider audience, it is required to promote the ads through email marketing, social media campaigns, and other digital platforms. The audience will click on the link if they find anything interesting with your advertisement. The web page to which the user is redirected after clicking on the advertisement link is called the landing page. Just like the advertisement, it is important to design the landing page of the website attractive and informative for performing specific actions such as joining in a list or buying products. The following are the tips for designing landing pages to drive more business.

When considering a landing page, it is a standalone web page designed for a specific, short-term goal. When looking at the specific details of a landing page, this web page will have fewer links(mostly one link) and tailored CTAs. The landing pages are designed for different audiences and purposes. Also, landing pages can be categorized into two: lead generation landing pages(focuses on collecting lead data) and click-through landing pages(CTA buttons for the desired action).

A well-designed landing page will improve brand credibility, create brand identity, and reinforce the brand. The SEO factors for improving landing page design include improving page loading speed, targeting long-tailed keywords, including backlinks, creating sharable content, and more. But, the following are the best practices for optimizing website landing page design for conversions.

  • Create an attractive and engaging heading. Use H1 or H2 tags for headings
  • The Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons need to be placed in an easily accessible position as first sight element or directional cues are required for guiding users to those CTA’s.
  • Include demo video and images of products/services with testimonials of happy customers as social proof.
  • Include brand logo and contact information on the landing page.
  • Optimize the design for mobile 
  • Reduce the footer area 
  • Include call or instant message options.

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