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Digital marketing utilize numerous approaches for generating new leads, maximizing sales and improving your website traffic. The performance marketing process utilize different online marketing tools for better results and the outcomes are measurable. This is a paid approach and here the payment is done to the service providers only when the specified business goal is achieved.  The business goal include clicks, sales and lead generation. This can be considered as a combination of both paid advertising and brand marketing. 

The paid marketing approach can include native advertising, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, sponsored advertising, and social media advertising. With these methods, the advertisers are required to pay only if the target is achieved. This will give the confidence to advertisers that their money is well spend and they get the desired result in terms of traffic, engagement, lead generation and sales. Cost Per Impression, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Sales, Cost Per Leads, and Cost Per Acquisition are the most common ways for measuring different campaign actions.

The major players of performance marketing campaign are advertisers/marketers and affiliates/publishers. The advertisers/marketers utilize the websites and other channels of affiliates/publishers to promote their products and services. Facebook advertisements, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, etc… are some of the popular platform for performance marketing. The primary advantage of performance marketing is the result can be monitored using built-in analytics and tracking tools. The payment to affiliate/publisher is calculated by considering the number of clicks/leads/sales generated through the platform.

In the performance marketing approach, the required method is selected first and then the goal is set. When the campaign is launched after adding the content, the campaign can be edited and revised to boost the performance by considering the analytics. The campaign goals, choice of platforms, costs, and the result are the key considerations for selecting the campaign goal.

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