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Augmented reality and virtual reality may be familiar terms for you. But, how much do you know about mixed reality? Yes, as the term suggests, mixed reality is the combination of both augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality(VR). This latest technology merging both the physical and digital worlds together will have interaction between humans, computers, and the environment. This mixed reality concept was introduced by Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino in a paper introduced in 1994. Remote working, entertainment, education, gaming, interactive product content management (IPCM), healthcare, and military training are the major application sectors that utilize mixed reality. This technology use next-generation sensing and imaging technologies to interact with and manipulate physical and virtual worlds together. Unlike virtual reality, the mixed reality experience is delivered with head-mounted see-through glasses.

Mixed reality provides an opportunity to interact with both real and virtual objects. This mixed reality concept will place virtual objects in physical spaces and users can interact with them without wearing any special gloves/sticks(like in virtual reality). The users can experience a virtual 3D environment by using mixed reality products like Microsoft’s HoloLens, Samsung Odyssey, Lenovo Explorer, etc…. 

The Microsoft Hololens is one of the popular mixed reality product that can display information, stimulate the virtual world, and work closely with the real world. Holographic processing, multiple sensors, and advanced optics are used to deliver this real-like experience. Optical sensors, a depth camera, microphones, light sensors, a Holographic Processing Unit, an HD camera, and other products are integrated with the head-mounted see-through glasses.

The comfortable and easy-to-use Windows Mixed Reality Headset HMD Odyssey+ from Samsung is another example of MR. The Samsung Odyssey Headset with Fresnel lenses will provide 110° field of view. Other elements integrate with this Odyssey headset are two 6 DOF Cameras, sensors, built-in AKG headphones, and more. Similarly, the Odyssey controller contains a clickable touchpad, sensors, and battery.

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