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The largest and popular online video-sharing platform Youtube is becoming one of the leading media for digital marketing. As we know, YouTube is the World’s second largest search engine having 3 billion searches per month. The attractive and informative videos uploaded to this platform will influence lots of enormous and very diverse audience. This marketing strategy is ideal for various business organizations to promote their brand or products with Youtube. For audiences, watching a self-explanatory video will be more interesting and engaging than reading long articles. The primary advantage of using youtube as a marketing medium is its high engagement rate. The next is its feature to upload the videos natively and to embed this uploaded Youtube video into blog posts. Other benefits of using YouTube for digital marketing needs include:

  • YouTube videos will rank on top of the Google search engine.
  • YouTube is international and this will attract global visitors
  • Videos uploaded to the YouTube platform will stay permanently if it doesn’t violate YouTube rules.
  • The audience can share your YouTube videos and also can purchase related products.
  • It is possible to collect the email list of audiences who subscribes to the channel.
  • Income can be generated from videos having high traffic by placing advertisements.

Youtube Marketing Introduction

If someone wants to promote a business with Youtube, the first step is to create a youtube channel for uploading the videos created. The channel can be created using a regular Google account or with a brand account. The channel will have an analytics tab that provides quantitative insights like view counts, average watch time, generated revenue, etc… of each video uploaded. Also, the channel layout needs to be made in an appropriate way that tells the audience what type of videos your channel provides. The next step includes creating and uploading content regularly on the channel. Increasing YouTube presence by regular posting will attract more audience. The YouTube videos you create need to be influential and do not violate YouTube rules related to copyright, privacy, violence, and more.

YouTube Marketing: Upload a Video


There are different factors to consider while uploading a video to YouTube. The uploader needs to identify the best traffic-generating keywords and want to use them in the title and description field. The titles need to be created in such a way that it attracts the audience and make them feel that they need to watch the video. Major keywords need to be included in the description field along with tags and links of previous videos or references. Thumbnails of your video is another factor that attracts the audience. Including the brand logo and video title on your video thumbnail will also help to boost your brand popularity. Working with other YouTubers will also help to promote your brand. These –°ollaborative videos bring more traffic and subscription to your Youtube channel.

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