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Influencer marketing is a new version of the traditional marketing strategy through word-of-mouth. This modern marketing strategy utilizes online as a medium for promotion. Recently, it is found that this method is very effective to build your brand awareness. If considering the difference between influencer marketing and word-of-mouth, influencer marketing will engage key leaders, famous bloggers, and celebrities with a dedicated social following as influencers and through them, they reach the target audiences. Mainly, this concept will target friends and family of influencers in their social media like Facebook and Instagram, and subscribers in other online platforms like YouTube.

How do influencer marketing works? And what are its benefits? If anyone you trust introduces a new brand or product to you, then you will definitely consider it while making a purchase. It is because you believe that the recommendation from the industry experts or friends won’t be fake. With influencer marketing, it is possible for a marketer to reach new audiences, boost brand awareness, and to increase your marketing ROI. Partnering with influencers will also help to improve your brand’s social following and increases organic traffic to your website. Increasing repeat purchases and maximizing customer lifetime revenue are other benefits of this marketing approach.

The different approaches in influencer marketing for marketers are mentioned below.

Sending Gifts for Influencers: When you launch a new product or if you want to prompt one of your existing products, then it will be suitable for the marketer to send this product to influencers as a gift and in return, you can ask for a product review from them.

Guest Posting in Influencer Website: This approach is useful for increasing the overall traffic to your website. The marketer can contribute their own content to the influencer website by including backlinks. 

Social Media Mentions: Mentioning your brand name or product details on the social media post of an influencer with millions of followers will help you to build brand awareness. This can also include celebrities sharing a photo of them wearing or using your product with the brand icon or mentioning your brand name on their post.

Sponsored Content: This method involves paying the influencer for promoting the brand of the marketer in the influencer’s blog or social channel.

Discount Code: There will be a unique discount code provided to the influencer by the marketer and if any customer purchases that product with the given discount code, a fixed discount will be offered to them.

Affiliates: The influencer will be given a fixed percentage for the sales that they create.

How to select the best influencer to promote your brand/product? If considering social media, it is necessary to consider the number of followers the influencer has. But, there are also social media accounts with millions of followers but having on thousands of post views. These types of accounts are not suitable for influencer marketing. If the marketer is interested to promote their brand in any influencer website using guest posting or other methods, then the best choice will be one will more direct and organic traffic.

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