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Website audience will always look for simple and advanced technology that save their effort and time. Voice search is currently trending because more users are utilizing this technology to ease their searching. Different websites are moving towards voice search because of the limitations in the existing typing method. Voice search is more convenient for users because they don’t need to type the exact words in the search bar. Instead, they will get the results in seconds by simply speaking in natural language.

According to the previous data shared from Google 2 years back, about 20 percent of Google queries are voice searches. The trend of voice search is still emerging and it will continue to dominate the digital world in the future also. Making the websites up to date with SEO optimization will improve website traffic and helps to generate revenue.

When comparing text searches and voice searches, the key difference is voice searches are always longer queries than text searches. Text searches will use some basic keywords by eliminating unrelated words from search queries. But, for voice search, the queries are longer as they appear like a normal conversation between two people. The voice search technology works by collecting the voice audio using the microphone and converting it to digital format, for comparing it with the software database. After detecting the search keyword, the voice is converted to text and relevant search is performed and output displayed.


Optimize the website for rich answers: Knowledge graph, knowledge panel, knowledge box, and featured snippet are the key SEO terms related to voice search. The search results containing any of the mentioned features is called a rich answer.

Restructure content by including conversational language: Restructuring website content is necessary for improving the content layout and creating voice search-friendly results. A Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) page will help to include more keywords in conversational language. The key factors that need to consider while restructuring content include question keyword type, conversational style, frequent question type, and data-driven insights.

Improve website loading time: Faster results is the important feature of voice search. If your website takes a long time to display results, this will negatively affect the overall user experience.  To improve website loading time, use compressed images & videos, reduce JavaScript parsing, utilize  CSS3 and HTML5 frameworks, reduce redirects, etc...

Pay attention to mobile experience: Mostly voice search features are utilized by smartphone users. So, the websites are developed for adapting different browsers and smartphones. It is better to run a mobile-friendly test and to optimize accordingly.

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