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Every year, when analyzing the trends in web designing, you will notice drastic changes. For customers, considering these trends while creating a new website or updating existing ones will improve the overall appearances and makes it user-friendly to engage customers. Developing business websites by following the latest web design trends will attract more customers and give them a trustworthy and genuine experience.

The most important factors that will never change over the year are fast loading webpages, attractive UI, comfortable and functional navigation, and decent colour themes. The UI and web design changes are influenced by cultural changes. The latest web design trends of 2021 include the following:

  1. Include Multimedia Experiences: Including multimedia experience in the website will attract the audience and keep them stay on the website for a longer period. Adding multimedia content like videos, visuals, text and audios to the website homepage related to your brand history or products will enrich the user experience. 
  2. Personalized Content: Websites are dedicated to the promotion of products of any specific brand. So, it is better to include personalized content to avoid confusion among visitors.
  3. Chatbots for Quick Response: No one will be interested to wait for answers. The chatbots integrated with the website will help customers to ask relevant questions regarding the brand/products. The answers can be given either manually or automatically.
  4. Include 3D Visual Elements: 3D Visual effects will always attract customers without any age barriers. Interactive and static 3D content can be used in website home pages to make them appear more trendy and attractive. There are various websites currently using 3D content and some examples are,,, etc...
  5. Parallax Scroll Animation: Including Parallax scroll animation in the website up to a certain extent will provide an entertaining experience to users. This effect makes use of mouse cursor movement to create different illustrations that will improve the average attention span. But, including the parallax effect can also distract the audience from the main topic that you want to convey.
  6. Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation: The responsive design need to use easily on mobile devices. The thumb-friendly navigation means aligning the navigation bar, menu, contact icons, and content in proper fashion.
  7. Data Visualization & Engaging Video: Data visualization helps the audience to capture the complete details in a glance and to make decisions quickly. Engaging videos related to the product/brand can be added to the website for providing a perfect overview.
  8. Prefer Retro Fonts and Comfortable Colors: Old vintage and retro style fonts are gaining popularity again. The font selection plays an important role to make the audience read the published content. The font format needs to be easily readable and want to provide an elegant appearance. Along with the font style, the size and colour of the font also need to be considered. Other UI considerations to improve the appearance are:
  • Include Typography Effects
  • Use Emojis
  • Prefer light colors
  • Use simple shapes & black outline

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