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The applications installed on your smartphones will give life to your device and helps you to connect with the world. Recently, there are many advanced technologies for mobile application development that makes day-to-day works simpler and smarter. I-Apps, the advanced technology for new generation mobile applications uses artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning for making predictions and suggestions. This smart application uses both real-time and historical data for offering highly-desired output. Chatbots, Elsa, Ada, Hound and Google Assistant are common examples of these Intelligent Apps that we commonly used in daily life. 

I-Apps are not intended for normal operations, instead, it can automate the working of any complex tasks. By continuously monitoring the user interactions and understanding user behavior, this I-Apps will deliver personalized and adaptive user experiences. The artificial intelligence-powered algorithm will evaluate the behavioral, contextual, and emotional patterns of a user for making predictions that are similar or exact to what the user will make. Some of the benefits of I-Apps are mentioned below in points.

  • The intelligent Apps will predict or suggest important information and instructions considering old and real-time user interactions
  • Deliver custom-made user experiences
  • Familiarize with the user needs and offers the most relevant information
  • Automatically responds to user requirements in a blink of time
  • The AI-powered algorithms make I-Apps flexible enough to perform multiple tasks
  • Save time and effort of users by automating their tasks
  • Omnichannel PWA
  • I-Apps are action-oriented
  • Auto-reply to emails and messages with preprogrammed commands
  • Smart and zero-touch UI/UX interface with voice-enabled services

Important Applications of Intelligent-Apps

We can consider I-Apps as the present and future of mobile application development. I-Apps reduces the complexity of daily tasks and helps the user to find the most relevant information. Almost every prominent sectors like finance, healthcare, education, media, hospitality, etc… can use intelligent applications for providing better user satisfaction.

  • The in-build AI Algorithm in Google Maps, Uber Rides, etc… help the user to find the fastest possible route from one location to another.
  • Ecommerce applications recommend certain products to the users considering their previous search history and purchase history.
  • Artificial intelligence assists the users to translate any language to another.
  • Advanced search abilities of smart app integrate voice and visual search.
  • Improves the security of applications with user biometrics recognition.

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