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In this fast-moving world, every business needs some marketing strategy for improving industry reach. Greater the reach more will be the output obtained. Traditionally, for a manufacturer of computer spares, he used to hire many marketing executives, who travel around and bring genuine customers to the company. But now, we can reduce the effort of this with efficient digital marketing approaches. In this article, we can compare two such digital marketing technique called email marketing and SMS marketing.


An efficient business organization needs timely communication between customers regarding promotions, discounts, reminders, and other information. For effective communication, we can use either email marketing strategy or an SMS marketing strategy. Almost every individual in the world has both an email address and phone number. So, it won’t be a difficult process to communicate with them. Also, with these techniques, we can send messages in seconds and can track the engagements of both parties. But, which one is more successful, email marketing or SMS marketing?


With email marketing techniques, one can send a composed email to multiple email addresses. Emails enable the users to attach files along with the text for promoting products and services. Email marketing is an inexpensive and easy method for promotions. The common tools that we used for email marketing are Mailchimp, Sender, YAMM(Yet Another Mail Merge), etc… Email addresses can be collected from different social media platforms, with a subscription option on the website, or by other approaches. 


SMS marketing is another type of internet marketing approach where the sender can send small text messages to all their customers at once. The users can purchase any bulk SMS sending packages for marketing at comparatively lesser pricing. Similar to email marketing, the users collect the phone numbers of customers through different modes like social media campaigns and other lead generation methods. 


The key variables that need to be considered while comparing these two internet marketing strategies are:


Open Rate: Open rate is a percentage of how many messages that the user sends are opened. If comparing both email and text messages, 98% of SMS are opened and read. On the other hand, only 22% of emails are opened.


Deliverability: Frequently sending messages from any email address will make it consider to be a spam message. So, comparing email and SMS, deliverability is greater for text messages.


CTR: Click-through-rate is the measuring metric that indicates how many users clicked on the link that is mentioned in the content. With a good call to action, both SMS and email marketing has a high click-through rate.


Cost: The cost for SMS marketing differ with the purchased SMS package, country, and the number of messages sent. But, email marketing is comparatively cost-effective than SMS marketing.


Customization: Comparing SMS and email, we can clearly say that emails are more customizable. With email, it is possible to attach files and to customize the text based on requirements.




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