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For developing a mobile application, the developing and designing team will put lots of effort. A perfect version can be obtained only after proper testing and updations.  And this version will be uploaded to the Play Store or App Store for the users. If your mobile application doesn’t rank perfectly, all the efforts put forward by the development team will become worthless and this might have happened even to you in the past. If your mobile app doesn’t rank on the top positions, then there are more chances that your app downloads will be comparatively low. This means that even if you have developed a useful mobile application for the public if it doesn’t rank properly then it will be a failure. How do you avoid this mobile app ranking issues? For that, some best practices are mentioned in this article.

If considering a mobile application user, the key factors they look for will be the number of downloads, positive reviews, and most importantly the title. Also, the appearance of your mobile app(I.e; its design) is displayed to the users as screenshots. If they are eyecatching, then there are more chances for the user to download.

More than this, your app won’t be familiar to the user. So, the user will definitely type a keyword. For example, if the user is looking for a health and fitness based mobile app, they will type keywords like “health”, “healthcare”, “medical”, “fitness” and more. Your application will ranks only if it has that keyword in description. 

These are the basics that everyone knows. Now, the following are the best tactics that help you to improve the ranking and downloads of your mobile application.

  • App-Store Optimization: Like Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for websites, for mobile applications, we perform App Store Optimization(ASO). It requires continuous efforts by tracking keyword rankings, downloads, and impressions. The factors that influence ASO are positive reviews, backlinks, downloads, country, revenue, retention and more.        
  • Online Presence: Develop a website for your mobile application that contains all the features of your app. By promoting it with various digital marketing strategies users can be attracted to the website and with the available download button on the website, the app can be downloaded easily.
  • Social Media Integration: Social media is an integral part of today’s modern world. So, by integrating social media it will help users to share information with others and at the same time, it makes the user possible to refer the mobile application to others.
  • Zero-Error Mobile App: Negative reviews can inversely affect your app ranking and downloads. App with zero bugs and greater performance will make your application more trustworthy to download. Also, the up-gradation of this existing mobile app at regular intervals with modern features is also a good practice to follow. Also, develop mobile applications that are compatible with every smartphone model.
  • Marketing Strategies: With social media, email marketing, SMS marketing, content marketing, etc… the reach of the mobile application can be extended. Also, as a part of the promotion, make your application free of cost at the launch.


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