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It is possible to run campaigns on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Unlike usual posting, with a campaign your post will reach to more audience based on how much you have spend. We can state it as, social media campaigns are for a wider audience and to achieve the desired result. For better output, it is required to follow certain practices while planning, designing post, creating content, and publishing.  If we pay attention during these stages, the result will be a definite success.

At present, most of the population is using social media for entertainment and business purpose. When you post any content in social media, it can be made visible to either the public or to your friends. Also, most of the posts related to brands/services for business requirements are targeted to specified candidates. But, there are certain tactics and guidelines that need to be followed for better social media marketing and creating social media presence.

Managing a social media profile and running a campaign are different. For running a social media campaign, there are certain practices that need to be followed. This includes:

Find Your Target Audience: Before running a campaign, it is necessary to learn about your audience. If you are planning to promote any product/service, the first stage is to identify who will be interested in your offered product or service. For example, a supermarket can run a campaign of their plans and offers targeted to nearby region. In campaigns, the audience can be targeted based on age, location, search history, occupation, and more.

Select the Platform: There are different platforms on which we can run campaigns. But, marketing team need to identify which platform is most suitable for your requirement. By monitoring the demographics of various platforms, we can analyze its influence on the society. I.e; details like total users, users in different regions and whether the target audience is influenced by the selected platform.

Perform a competitor audit: Competition is there for every business. Recently, digital marketing is mostly preferred than onsite marketing by business firms. So, the competition is too high in the market. The best method to overcome the competition is by understanding your competitors marketing strategy. It is possible to take competitor approaches as reference to find what type of posting will bring greater results.

Create Social Media Posting Calendar: For social media posting, it is important to pay attention on how often the content is posted and on what time. This has a greater importance on the obtained reach. For this, it is required to analyze common behaviour of users by monitoring when most of the users are active. Regularly posting the content in social media will help you to maintain the online presence. Difference online tools can be used for planning and automating these tasks.

Quickly Respond to Customer: While running a campaign, it needs to respond to customer tweets as early as possible. This approach will make your business trustworthy in the sense of customers. Chatbots will help to respond to customer tweets or questions within seconds with previously set answers.

Check Analytics & Modify the Campaign: The analytics can be monitored to optimize the campaign based on the result.


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