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Nowadays, the use of different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc… are emerging. The public spends most of their free time with social media by sharing and enjoying posts on their social media accounts. For the audience, social media platforms enable them to stay connected and bring all interesting content at their fingertips. This is why a major percentage of the world population uses social media websites and applications. The users can share and receive messages along with all types of attachments like photos, contacts, locations, videos, etc…

As a modern marketing technique, most of the business organizations and service providers create social media profiles for their business and share work-related information online to seek customer attention. This social media marketing strategies are widely used in 2020 for popularizing your brand, improving website traffic, and to boost sales. 


What is Social Media Marketing(SMM)?

Like the name suggests, social media marketing is a strategy to promote products or services using social networks. Here, the marketing tool used is social media and with built-in analytic tools of social media platforms, the users can evaluate the outcome of marketing like views, clicks, comments, etc…. 

The SMM strategy allows the marketing team to run campaigns on different social media platforms by targeting a specific group of audiences. It is possible to target based on age limit, gender, location, and interests. For example, if we run a campaign on e-commerce business, there is no need to share it with the entire world, instead, we can target it to certain areas where the service can be offered. It is possible to run paid and unpaid campaigns, the pricing will vary depending on the selected social network, required views, campaign type, and more.

Just like Search Engine Optimization for websites, social media has Social Media Optimization(SMO) that is a key component of SMM. With SMO, it is possible to attract visitors to your social media profile and this can be done by promoting social media activities and/or by including your social media links in website/online content.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can reach millions of customers around the globe. If you post any information on your social media profile, it will be initially visible to your connected audiences and for those who search regarding it. If the post is attractive or informative, your audience will repost it to provide a wider reach and thus the brand popularity can be improved. To increase market reach and to make SMM more effective, many of the social media platforms allow users to run campaigns targeted to a specific group/location. The important benefits of social media marketing are listed below.

  • Social media marketing will allow creating brand awareness and it will be beneficial if company logo/website is attached to all posts.
  • SMM is a better way to improve inbound traffic. The more social media platforms you post, the greater will be the inbound traffic.
  • Social media posting is an inevitable part of SEO that deals with increasing the search engine ranking.
  • With SMM, the feedbacks from customers can be gathered as comments and this will help for further updations. Also, it offers customer satisfaction.
  • SMM is cost-effective than other marketing strategies. We can choose the pricing plan or can customize it according to the targeted audience.
  • SMM offers an opportunity for customers to communicate with service providers.
  • It is possible to run ads and contests on social media platforms. Call to actions can be included in these posting.


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