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Founded in the year of 2013 at Calicut, Niveosys technologies Pvt Ltd is a software development company that focuses on developing software models based on globally distributed components. We functions in India,Middle East and USA .



By Anjali Dec 30 2016 4:30PM

Google has taken a baby step into the instant messaging app development with its new launch “ALLO”. Allo is a featured filled app that has been integrated with Google assistant- which makes it different from other instant messaging apps like Facebook messenger, what’s app etc. Google believes that Allo is strong enough to compete against all other apps because of this feature. It is available for both android and ios platform. Just like any other app we can: send pictures, share stickers, do group chat etc. through Allo. Then what is making it unique or why do people choose ‘Allo’ over other chat apps? Let’s see its features in detail.


         As I said before “Google Assistant” is what it distinguish Allo from thousand other messaging apps. Google assistant is nothing but artificial intelligence. By using the assistant in Allo, you can do several things , for example you can access your email account by telling the assistant “Show me the messages from John” it will show you the two most recent with an option like” My emails from yesterday”. Other than Google assistant Allo offers one more artificial intelligence called Smart reply. Smart replies are generic responses that pops up above the keyword and text field. It is possible to launch Google search from Allo. It also gives an option to resize the text and change the mode to incognito for private chats. Another good thing about Allo is that you don’t need to sign up or create a login ID. It identifies you based on your phone number. You can use Allo to send message to both people who are already using the app and who are not. The app sends message as SMS for free to the people who are not using Allo app. These are the features which will make you to use Allo app.


          But it has its cons too. Firstly, it is available only for ios and android platform right now. You can not use it to chat with the people on mac or windows platform. Allo does not offer video calling. There is no chat back up option and share document option.


        Now coming to the question “Do you really want to shift to the Allo?, Answer is probably No because there no distinctive feature other than google assistant is presently available in this. Let’s hope that Google will come with new updates to make it distinct from other thousand messaging apps available in the market.

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