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By Web Desk May 12 2022 11:38AM

‘Add Me To Search’, - yes it is just a keyword. But, where it guides you to is quite impressive and convincing. Just type it and find where you have reached. 

It will guide you towards a page where one can create his/her own Google people card with their email ID? If you create one, then there is no need to carry your business card everywhere you go. Instead, tell them to search your name on Google. Google will list your profile as a virtual business card in search results and this can include all information that you are planning to showcase. The information that a Google business card can showcase and promote will include personal details, work-related, website, social media profile, education-related, etc… All the fields in the Google people card are not mandatory, you can create a card with basic details that you prefer to make publicly available. 

How to create a Google people card? It is simple and everyone can create one if you have a mobile device with internet connectivity and a personal Google account that allows the feature ‘Web & App Activity’. 

If you are ready with mentioned requirements, then the next is searching the keyword ‘Add me to Search’ in your browser. At the top of the search results, there will be an option to create a people card. Tap on the ‘Get Started’ option for entering the basic details.

The next step is creating the profile. The mandatory fields are name, location, about, and occupation. Other details that can be added include a profile photo, work, education, hometown, website, social profiles, email, and phone number. All fields except the email and phone number can be set manually for your people card. The email and phone number, will be taken directly from your Google account. After adding the required details you can view the preview of your Google People card and then edit/save it. After saving this people card, you can test it by entering your name on any browser search. 

What if you have a name common to many others? If anyone searches your name, Google will list all people cards with that name along with your profile photo(if added), name, location, about, and job. On tapping your profile, the remaining details will be displayed.

What are the benefits of Google's people card? It is really challenging for an individual to create his/her own search result presence unless you are a celebrity or famous person. Creating an online individual profile will be beneficial for business professionals, performers, influencers, entrepreneurs, job hunters, freelancers, etc… to make their details available on search.

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