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Advertisements are always intended for helping a brand’s product or service to achieve maximum reach. Promoting a business through advertisements is the best investment that attracts more customers and audiences. Spending too much on advertisement is not possible for small businesses and the reach they require is also limited to a local area. For example, individuals in the role of locksmiths, plumbers, garage door professionals, etc… provide services in their neighbouring localities and they need advertisement in that specific region only. Google local service ads are for those service providers who focus on a specific location.

What is google local service ads? This is a part of the local SEO strategy where certain industries can advertise their services in Google based on location. For any entered local service-related search queries, Google will list thousands of trusted professionals nearby. If you consider both google ads and local service ads as the same, it is not. Google ads will display advertisements in search results and redirect the users to the website. But, in the case of Google local service ads, a website is not necessary and it just displays basic business details like business contact number, working hours, rating and reviews. Also, like Google ads, local service ads focus on queries instead of keywords. Another important feature includes listing the advertisements targeting customers in your area.

The features of Google local service ads are listed below in points:

  • Google local service ads are based on pay per lead instead of pay per click. 
  • Ads can  be displayed on different devices like mobile, desktop, tablet devices, as well as through voice search
  • Google will rank ads depending on proximity to searcher and ratings/reviews received.
  • The local service ads become Google guaranteed only after background checks, checking licenses, and insurance
  • Helps to achieve high-quality leads and jobs

To run an advertisement as Google local service ads, the advertiser need to sign up as a service provider by selecting the locality and service category. In the next stage, the budget needs to be set(pay only when the customer contacts the service provider). The statistics of the ads displayed will be displayed to the advertiser.

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