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2019 The Prediction of Javascript Future

By Web Desk Aug 21 2019 5:16PM

JavaScript is a highly popular language that is adopted by over 90% of the web developers. Since 1995, Javascript plays an important role in making every website interactive by including slideshows, popup’s, etc.. For client-side web programming, Javascript is everything a developer needs that is independent of the type of website they are developing. The trend of providing newer frameworks and libraries that improves website performance makes it popular in the industry. Also, most of the beginners choose Javascript for their future because of its included functional features that simplify the process of learning and executing and the vast scope of the job.


Everyone knows that Javascript is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven, functional, and imperative programming styles. As mentioned above javascript is a front-end language but by using Node.js framework this can be used for server-side scripting also. Normally this language is used for game development, mobile app development and web & server app development. 


What about the future of Javascript? How long it can survive? The popular questions asked by beginners that need to be answered. The answer to this question is simple. If Javascript has survived 24+ years in the industry, then it will be definitively there in the coming 24+ years also. Till date, no valid competition for javascript happened in the industry because of its newer frameworks and libraries. The truth is Javascript will become stronger and more prevalent in the coming years and a developer who updates his/her javascript language regularly can flourish their career in this industry.


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Future of JavaScript Frameworks

This section deals with the future of Javascript in 2019. So, here include the top trending javascript frameworks that may be familiar or unfamiliar to you. The evolution of Javascript frameworks begins from Dynamic HTML(DHTML) in 2000 to the updated Backbone.js in 2019. In this short duration, a lot of frameworks arrived and vanished from the industry. Some of the top javascript future scope frameworks that rank on the top are discussed below



Vue.js is an open-source web development javascript framework having various optional tools for building user interfaces. This framework is used for lightweight app development with two side binding and is a perfect blend of both Angular and React frameworks. This framework with a size of 18-21KB has different advantages like simple integration, minimum download time, flexibility, ease of development and two-way communication. Other technical features that attract Vue in 2019 are SVG animations, Nuxt tool for module replacement, proxy support and stable API.



React, the Javascript library maintained by Facebook and a community of individuals  and developers, used for creating interactive UI’s. This fast, flexible, efficient, and small-sized library is suitable for large web applications that allow data processing without frequent page reloading. React is a declarative and component-based javascript library that can divide the entire web page into small components. The adoption of JSX allows for creating SEO friendly web pages that can improve traffic to that website.  



Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform run-time environment built on  Google Chrome's JavaScript Engine (V8 Engine). This scalable and faster javascript framework is used for developing server-side and networking applications.  Building survey app, chat app, social media app, web API, data processing apps, shopping cart, game engines, etc… with Node.js framework is more effective than other javascript frameworks. This framework uses event-driven and asynchronous programming. Which means that the non-blocking I/O ecosystem allows the developers to process multiple requests at a time.



Angular.js maintained by Google is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework that is commonly used for developing dynamic single-page applications. This full-featured front-end Javascript framework has important features like quick code production, two-way data binding, and testing of the app part. The content pre-rendering feature of Angular.js makes it more SEO friendly and faster.



Meteor.js is a full-stack(both front-end and back-end development) javascript platform used for creating real-time web and mobile applications. The framework includes a collection of libraries and packages from the Node.js and general javascript. The simplicity, availability of extensive packages and libraries, real-time testing tools, live reloading, etc… are few benefits of choosing this free and open-source isomorphic JavaScript web framework.


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