2018 Top 10 Mobile App Development Trend

By Tom Nov 28 2018 12:33PM

Mobile application technology trends are skyrocketing these days. Mobile app development trends 2018 is not similar to that of the early year. It is going on changing along with the change of time. Some of the top trends in mobile app development are mentioned below:

Influence Mobile UI/UX on the basis of  predictive analysis.

Major groups like Facebook, Google, and Apple are already employing AI to use predictive analytics to enhance the customer journey across the UI/UX of the app, and 2018 is set to witness advances in this field.The mobile applications are going to the next step from being mere utilities to being an integral part of your workflow. 

2. To find more relevance the mobile pages are accelerated.

In the year 2016, AMP listings were integrated into Google search and since then developers have not looked back. Inbuilting them within the app framework, developers have been able to use this boiled down version of HTML for better user experience and retention, with Facebook Instant Articles being one of the many success stories.

 3. Mobile Strategies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality are also an influential factor.


Pokemon go may have been a temporary storm on the eastern seaboard, since AR and VR are here to stay. With a turnover of $200 billion in revenues by 2020, developers are expected to create breathtaking mobile app experiences in AR and VR with compatible hardware entering the market

4. In Cloud Integration there is a chance for more Businesses to invest.

The possibilities offered by cloud computing and integration aren’t minimal. Some of the advantages of developing mobile apps over the cloud are streamlining operations, reduced costs in hosting, better storage, and loading capacity, along with increased user retention.

5. Need for Wearable Devices

The affordability constraint is out of the equation is because of apple inc. Starting in 2018, app developers will be looking to develop apps for wearable devices, mostly watches. Apps like Zomato and Uber have invested in wearable app development, but they only have scratched the mere surface.

6. Mobile app security

Apps like Uber coming out of the metaphoric closet and accepting the hacking, app developers will be looking to invest more in cybersecurity, given it is directly linked to users’ data privacy and protection laws. The perfect minds in the industry will have to up the ante to drown out the uncertainty around mobile apps.

7.  On-demand apps popularity

Once an inevitable bubble in the realm of mobile app development, is now the future. To fuel the growth of uber-like apps in 2018 industries embracing the on-demand business model like an old friend, one can expect UI/UX enhancements, m-commerce facilities, predictive analysis, and business bots.

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One cannot totally depend upon smartphones being the future, given how trends in mobile app in mobile app development have managed to captivate users across the globe for the last 3 years. By the coming time or in another year, inquisitiveness and excitement galore, the future of mobile app development resides in some of the finest brains in the business.

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