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Founded in the year of 2013 at Calicut, Niveosys technologies Pvt Ltd is a software development company that focuses on developing software models based on globally distributed components. We functions in India,Middle East and USA .


Mind-reading headset control your devices with your thoughts

By sherin Apr 28 2018 11:35AM

The headset, which can read the words you're imagining in your brain, sounds like something out of sci-fi, however, is a real, genuine thingamabob from the boffs at MIT.


Rather than speaking with shrewd gadgets by saying 'alright Google' or 'Hello Siri', the headset quietly deciphers what clients are considering, giving them 'superpowers', scientists say.


It works by perusing the signs your cerebrum sends to your facial muscles when you consider saying a word, setting them up for the up and coming vocalization – what's known as sub-vocalizations, or "noiseless discourse".


Electrodes in the headset track these neuromuscular flags in the jaw and face.


They're at that point separated by a computerized reasoning – which has been prepared to combine certain signs with specific words – and sent to an associated gadget.


This enables the doohickey to go about as an idea passing on a receiver for PCs and computerized aides, as Siri and Alexa. The device has sensors that get seven key regions along the cheek, jaw, and button that can perceive words and can even argue once it has handled them.


Right now, the 'AlterEgo'device, which was made by scientists from MIT Media Lab, can perceive digits 0 to 9 and has a vocabulary of around 100 words.

It gives you superpowers,' graduate understudy Arnav Kapur, who made the gadget with Pattie Maes told the New Scientist.


The framework comprises of a wearable gadget and a related processing framework which is specifically connected to a program that can inquiry Google.



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